Arrangement of Samaya

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ma ha yo ga'i rgyud sde bco brgyad - Eighteen Mahayoga Tantras. An alternative list is given by Shechen Gyaltsab in his historical work entitled The Pond of White Lotus Flowers and in Guru Tashi Tobgyal's Ocean of Wondrous Sayings to Delight the Learned Ones:

  • 1-5) Five Basic Root Tantras of Body, Speech, Mind, Quality and Activity: Sarvabuddha Samayoga, Assemblage of Secrets, Glorious Supreme Primal Tantra, and Activity Garland.
  • 6-10) Five Display Tantras functioning as utilization of sadhana practice: Heruka Display Tantra, Supreme Steed Display Tantra, Compassion Display Tantra, Nectar Display Tantra, and Twelvefold Kilaya Tantra.
  • 11-15) Five Tantras Functioning as Subsidiaries to Conduct: Mountain Pile, Awesome Wisdom Lightning, Arrangement of Samaya, One-pointed Samadhi, and the Rampant Elephant Tantra.
  • 16-17) Two subsequent tantras of amending incompleteness: Magical Net of Vairochana and Skillful Lasso.
  • 18) The one outstanding tantra that epitomizes them all: The Essence of Secrets, the Tantra of the Magical Net of Vajrasattva, also known as Guhyagarbha [RY]