Assemblage of Realization

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Syn bla ma dgongs 'dus; quintessential sublime vision [RY]

Embodiment of Realization. An Anu Yoga scripture of major importance. Abbreviation of The Scripture of the Embodiment of the Realization of All Buddhas (sangs rgyas thams cad kyi dgongs pa 'dus pa'i mdo) [RY]

quintessential sublime vision, bla ma dgongs 'dus [IW]

Assemblage of Realization [RY]

A quote from the Assemblage of Realization:

Gentleness does not benefit
Extremely incorrigible and savage beings.
Thus through the union of means and knowledge
the Tathagatas appear in wrathful forms.

The Body Tantra of the Assemblage of Realization is probably a tantra belonging to the Lama Gongdu cycle revealed by Sangye Lingpa (1340-1396) [EPK]