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1) ayatana * " the sources, bases [of cognition], faculty, sense fields/ factors/ spheres/ mediums/ bases, constituent[s of experience, arising expansion [as in mu bzhi entrances; 2) perception, state of mind; 3) source [of perception]; 4) six objects and six sense powers/ sense bases [IW]

source [thd]

sense field [RB]

ayatanas, (arise - spread), (interactional, operational, cognitive, sense, psychological action) fields, sources, interactional bases, localized fields of sensations, sensory creation of one's world, Vasubhandu, SA ci yang med pa'i skye mched, zil gyis gnon pa'i skye mched, rnam shes mtha' yas skye mched, sphere (name for the 4 formless dhyana), sense-bases/factors, sense bases, sources and places of origin of the senses, inner and outward organs of sense, field of extension (consciousness emerges and spreads), sense faculties, experiential medium, bases, sense sources [JV]

constituent[s] of experience, ayatanas, arising expansion [IW]

1) ayatana "medium for a sense perception to arise," the sources, bases, base of cognition, faculty, sense fields / factors / spheres, sense mediums, sour of perception constituent[s) of experience; arising expansion [as in mu bzhi. entrances. abbr. of skye mched bcu gnyis. 2) perception, state of mind. 3) source. 4) six objects and the six sense powers or sense bases; nyer spyod rnam par shes pa skye ba'i sgo las yul gzhan la mched par byed pa'i don gyis na skye mched ces bya'o sense door, sense-factors, sense-field, source, experiential medium [RY]

[experiential] medium [RY]

Sense bases, ayatana. The five senses and their five objects as well as the mental faculty and mental objects [RY]

Sources of perception, the six objects and the six sense powers or sense bases; constituent[s] of experience, arising expansion [as in mu bzhi.] [RY]

1) ayatana; sense bases, sense-field, source, the sources of perception; The twelve sense factors are the five senses or the organs of eye, ear, nose, tongue, body and the mental faculty as well as their corresponding objects which are visual form, sound, smell, taste, texture, and the mental object. 2) perception-sphere/s. A variety of states of meditative absorption, possibly lasting many aeons within the four formless realms. See also skye mched mu bzi 'fourfold spheres of perception.' See under gzugs med khams 'Formless Realms.' 3) base of perception [RY]

ayatana; source; Sources of perception, the six objects and the six sense powers or sense bases; sensory field; sense-field [RY]