Bara Kagyu

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A subsect of the Drugpa Kagyu, founded by Barawa Gyaltsen Palsang ('ba' ra ba rgyal mtshan dpal bzang, 1310-1391), who made his hermitage at a site called Bara Drag Kar ('ba' ra brag dkar) in the Shang valley in Central Tibet, the same valley in which the original seat of the Shangpa Kagyu was established by Khedrub Khyungpo Naljor. Gyaltsen Palsang blended elements of the Shangpa Kagyu and Shije teachings of Padampa Sangye with the teachings of the Drugpa Kagyu, which made for the unique style of the Bara Kagyu. The lineage survives, as a small family transmission, to the present day. Its current holder lives in Dharamsala. [TSD]