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Prefably, list these according to year of first publication, earliest at the top.

Tibetan-English Dictionaries[edit]

  • 1834 - Kőrösi Csoma, Sándor, 1784-1842. Essay towards a dictionary, Tibetan and English / prepared, with the assistance of Bandʹe Sangs-rgyas Phun-tshogs, a learned Lʹama of Zangskʹar, by Alexander Csoma de Körös, during a residence at Kanam, in the Hima̓laya Mountains, on the confines.
  • 1841 - Isaak Jakob Schmidt (1841; 1843)
  • 1866 - Jäschke, Heinrich August, 1817-1883. Romanized Tibetan and English dictionary. By H.A. Jaschke ...
  • 1882 - Jäschke, Heinrich August, 1817-1883. [from old catalog] Tibetan-English dictionary, with special reference to the prevailing dialects.
  • 1890 - Ramsay, Henry Lushington, 1854- [from old catalog] Western Tibet: a practical dictionary of the language and customs of the districts included in the Ladák Wazarat.
  • 1899 - Abbé C.H. Desgodins
  • 1902 - Das, Sarat Chandra, 1849-1917. Tibetan-English dictionary, with Sanskrit synonyms. Rev. and edited under the orders of the Government of Bengal, by Graham Sandberg and A. William Heyde. A Tibetan-English Dictionary by Sarat Chandra Das; with Sanskrit Synonyms is by Sarat Chandra Das. The dictionary is revised and edited under the order of the Government of Bengal. It contains 1,353 pages.
  • 1919 - Zla-ba-bsam-'grub, Kazi, 1868-1922. English-Tibetan dictionary, containing a vocabulary of approximately twenty thousand words with their Tibetan equivalents. Compiled by Lama Dawasamdup Kazi. Lama Kazi Dawa Samdup.
  • 1920 - Bell, Charles Alfred, Sir, 1870-1945. English-Tibetan colloquial dictionary. By C.A. Bell The vocabulary contains somewhat less than ten thousand Tibetan words, the number of separate English words being some seven thousand or about twice as many as those contained in any colloquial Tibetan Vocabulary up to date. The remaining three thousand words are made up of about two thousand honorific words and one thousand extra Tibetan words.
  • ? - Handbook of Colloquial Tibetan by Graham Sandberg
  • 1969 - Buck, Stuart H. Tibetan-English dictionary, with supplement [by] Stuart H. Buck.
  • 1973 - Dhongthog, T. G. [from old catalog] Dbyin Bod śan sbyar gyi tshig mdzod snaṅ ba gsar pa. The New light English-Tibetan Dictionary.
  • 1984 - The New Tibetan-English Dictionary of Modern Tibetan,The; Melvyn C. Goldstein; more than 80,000 lexical items used in political, social, economic, literary, and scientific discourse.
  • 1986 - Rigzin, Tsepak, 1957- Naṅ don rig paʾi miṅ tshig Bod-Dbyin śan sbyar = Tibetan-English dictionary of Buddhist terminology / Tsepak Rigzin.
  • 1989 - Tibetan-Sanskrit-English dictionary / formulator and editor, Jeffrey Hopkins ; contributors, Joe Wilson, Craig Preston, John Powers. 1989
  • 1992 - Conversational English - Tibetan Dictionary; Designed for travelers and beginners. 6500 entries, 131 pages. by Anil Gupta
  • 1996 - The Rangjung Yeshe Tibetan-English Dharma Dictionary of Tibetan Culture, version 1, (version 3 2003), compiled by Erik Pema Kunsang.
  • 2001 - An Encyclopaedic Tibetan-English Dictionary: Volume 1. Prof. Thubten Nyima (Alak Zenkar Rinpoche) & Dr. Gyurme Dorje, The Nationalities Publishing House & The School of Oriental and African Studies. Ed. Director, Dr. Tadeusz Skorupski.
  • 2005 - Tibetan-English dictionary of Tibetan Medicine and Astrology (revised and enlarged edition), by Dr. Tsering Thakchoe Drungtso and Tsering Dolma Drungtso.

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