Drukpa Kunga Senge

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Drukpa Kunga Senge ('brug pa kun dga' seng ge) [1314-1347] aka Jamyang Kunga Senge ('jam dbyangs kun dga' seng ge)

Jamyang Kunga Senge (1314-1347)

Son of Drukpa Senge Gyalpo and father of Drukpa Lodro Senge ('brug pa blo gros seng ge). Was the seventh of the 'Incomparable Nine Lions' (mnyam med seng ge dgu) important in the early history of the Drukpa Kagyu school. Sixth throne holder of Ralung Monastery.

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Alternate Names

  • Kunga Senge / Kuenga Senge (kun dga' seng ge)
  • Jamyang Kunga Senge ('jam dbyangs kun dga' seng ge)

Other Reference Sources

  • Author: dge 'dun rin chen [1926-1997] ('brug rje mkhan po 69); Title: dpal ldan 'brug pa'i gdul zhing lho phyogs nags mo'i ljongs kyi chos 'byung blo gsar rna ba'i rgyan (lho yi chos 'byung blo gsar rna rgyan).
  • Author: Yonten Dargye; Title: History of the Drukpa Kagyud School in Bhutan (12th to 17th Century A.D.) [ISBN 99936-616-0-0] pg. 46

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