Incomparable Nine Lions

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The 'Incomparable Nine Lions' (mnyam med seng ge dgu)

Members of the (rgya) clan related to Tsangpa Gyare Yeshe Dorje - important in the early transmission of the Middle Drukpa (bar 'brug) branch of the Drukpa Kagyu ('brug pa bka' brgyud / 'brug pa dkar brgyud ) school. They were the first nine lineage holders of the Middle Drukpa school and most were also throne holders / hierarchs of Ralung, the first Drukpa Kagyu monastery.

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The 'Incomparable Nine Lions:'

  1. Dharma Senge Sangye On (dhar ma seng ge sangs rgyas dbon), (1177-1237)
  2. Drukpa Zhonnu Senge ('brug pa gzhon nu seng ge) (1200-1266)
  3. Drukpa Nyima Senge ('brug pa nyi ma seng ge) [1251-1287]
  4. Dorje Lingpa Senge Sherab ('brug pa sen ge shes rab) (1238-1287)
  5. Drukpa Senge Rinchen ('brug pa seng ge rin chen) [1258-1313] aka Pökyapa (spos skya pa)
  6. Drukpa Senge Gyalpo ('brug pa seng ge rgyal po)[1289-1326]
  7. Drukpa Kunga Senge ('brug pa kun dga' seng ge) [1314-1347]
  8. Drukpa Lodro Senge ('brug pa blo gros seng ge) [1345-1390]
  9. Drukpa Sherab Senge ('brug pa shesrab seng ge) [1371-1392]

Main Lineages

Literary Works

see: Senge Gu Works and entries under individual teachers.

Other References

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