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A Brief History of the Glorious Drukpa Kagyu Lineage The Drukpa Kagyu is a wonderful lineage of spiritual practice that stems from Je Gampopa and the latter's disciple Phagmo Drupa. The Tibetan name "Druk" means "dragon", and the Shri Drukpa Kagyu is therefore known as the Dragon School of the great Kagyu family. The chief of all Lamas for the Dragon School is Guru Padmasambhava, the "second Buddha," and every tenth day of the lunar month special rituals are celebrated in his honor. So popular is this School that in Kham, eastern Tibet, there was the saying: "Half the people are Drukpa, half the Drukpa are wandering Yogins, and half of these Yogins are enlightened saints!" This is because the teachings of the Drukpa Kagyu especially focused on meditation practice.


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