Drukpa Namkha Palzang

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Drukpa Namkha Palzang ('brug pa nam mkha' dpal bzang) 1398-1425

Namkha Palzang (1398-1425)

Eldest son of Drukpa Yeshe Rinchen. Believed to be an emanation of Vajrapani. Second of the three 'prince-abbots' of Ralung. He passed away at the age of twenty eight.

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  • Author: dge 'dun rin chen [1926-1997] ('brug rje mkhan po 69); Title: dpal ldan 'brug pa'i gdul zhing lho phyogs nags mo'i ljongs kyi chos 'byung blo gsar rna ba'i rgyan (lho yi chos 'byung blo gsar rna rgyan).
  • Author: Yonten Dargye; Title: History of the Drukpa Kagyud School in Bhutan (12th to 17th Century A.D.) [ISBN 99936-616-0-0] pg. 48

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