Fire Element

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Fire Element (me)

  • The fire element is symbolised by a red triangular flame, numerically represented by the number four, and located in the south of the turtle divination chart, along with the trigram Li, the horse and snake signs, the Sun and the six southern constellations. Fire is described as flickering or blazing, and its function is one of combustion, inherent in a diet of cooked meat, blood and the flesh of an animal's head, while within the body it is represented by the metabolism and the heart. Socially, fire relates to the mercantile class, to women, and children, or mothers with daughters. If the hour of a person's birth is governed by the fire destiny element, it is predicted that he or she will be of a Buddhist or potter's family background, but harassed due to a blood feud, short-tempered, virtuous, tall in stature, prone to many ups and downs, conciliatory, and ruddy complexioned. Vocally, fire is said to cause dental sounds to be articulated. Physically, those with a preponderance of fire may characteristically have matted hair or dreadlocks and swollen glands; and in cases of ill-health an imbalance of fire is indicated by haunting spirits (bstan), and the ghosts of murder victims (gre bo), and by fevers and headaches. GD (from the Glossary to Tibetan Elemental Divination Paintings)