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fire, flame, ember, Anaka, [the 50th year, Male Fire Dragon] [RY]

, 1) ; 1) fire, flame, ember [R]; 2) anaka, (the 50th year, male fire dragon; 3) three [IW]

fire [RB]

element, fire, temperature, heat, flame of a lamp, 1 of 'jigs pa rnam par brgyad, fire hell according to the kalacakra [JV]

1) fire, flame, ember [Notes this is to describe the source of dharmas in vajrayogini's secret place, another suggestion was "glowing like a fire mandala"]; 2) anaka, (the 50th year, male fire dragon)/'Dzam gling lho phyogs kyi rta gdong me dang, khyim gyi nyi ma dang, bsreg bya za ba'i me ste me gsum yod pas grangs gsum mtson] 'bar byed dam 'byung ba chen po me,//gser sa le sbram me la mi skrag //me 'bar ba'i sgang la shing bshags pa,//mes 'tsig mer gtugs,//ming gi rnam grangs la 'khyog 'bar dang, chu yi skye gnas, dag byed, du ba'i tog ldan, nor las rgyal, bi shva na ra'i bu, 'bar ba'i lce ldan, 'bar byed, sbyin sreg lag pa, gtsug phud can, gtsang byed, rtse mo can, 'od kyi shing rta, rlung gi grogs po, lam nag zhugs, lus ma bsrung, shing las 'phel bcas so, [IW]