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kun gyi mchog - name of the past life of Shakyamuni in which he practiced the paramita of generosity [RY]

dka' ba'i sbyin pa - 1) difficult generosity. 2) One of {bsdu ba'i dngos po bzhi} [RY]

skyabs kyi sbyin pa - the generosity of giving protection. Same as {mi 'jigs pa sbyin pa}. one of the {sbyin pa rnam gsum}. three types of generosity [RY]

skyabs kyi sbyin pa - the generosity of giving protection [IW]

'khor gsum rnam par mi rtog pa - 3-fold non-conceptual purity [all dharmas are free from fixating thoughts of things and of actor, action, and object. For example there is the prajna that knows that no nature exists for the three partialities: the 1 who gives the gift, the wealth to be given, and the receiver, the object of the generosity] [IW]

dge ba gsum - the three virtues [generosity, discipline, and meditation] [IW]

dge rtsa - virtuous roots [root(s) of virtue, good roots good action/karma or virtue producing causes like generosity, reverence etc.] [IW]

dgongs yang - vast thinking/ intention/ realization, magnanimity, generosity, leniency [IW]

[[bsgoms byung bsod nams - merit arising from meditation [generosity, discipline, samadhi bsgoms pa las byung ba'i merit: [meditating on the 1st two rather than doing them or what?] having the bliss/happiness of longs spyod, bde ba, and mental shin sbyangs] [IW]]]

sngon sbyin pa'i pha rol tu phyin pa la goms pa'i bag chags - the habitual tendency of having formerly trained in transcendent generosity / the perfection of giving [RY]

chos kyi sbyin pa - the generosity of Dharma [teaching] [RY]

mchog sbyin - perfect generosity; boon-granting, varada [RY]

mchog sbyin - perfect generosity [RB]

mchog sbyin gyi phyag rgya - the mudra of supreme generosity [RY]

mchod sbyin - performing sacrifices, religious service where sacrifices of small figures are made offering gift, generosity, 1 of rig byed bzhi, make offerings [JV]

mchod sbyin - (ritual of) worship/ puja; generosity, offering and giving, offering to deities; offering gift, offerings and donations [RY]