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byang bdag bkra shis stobs rgyal


Short biography[edit]

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Changdak Tashi Tobgyal Wangpo De (1550?-1603) - An important master in the Northern Treasures lineage, he was the immediate rebirth of Ngari Panchen and also the qualities emanation of King Trisong Detsen. He was a student of Rigdzin Lekden Dorje and the father (and teacher) of Rigdzin Ngakgi Wangpo. He is counted among one of the previous incarnations of Rigdzin Jigme Lingpa.

During his lifetime, wars raged in central Tibet and the monastic community of the Northern Treasures were forced to wander from place to place. Having been invited to Kham in Eastern Tibet to teach, he was offered robes for his monks. He returned to his community, establishing it at the present site of Dorje Drak Monastery which he named, Pema Evam Chogar.

He found hidden-treasures at places such as Samye Monastery, Tsa-rong and Lhodrak, as well as authored a biography of Guru Rinpoche. His younger brother, Yishin Norbu, founded a monastery at Zang-zang Lhadrak where Rigdzin Godem had found the bulk of the Northern Treasures.

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  • Rinchen Terdzo vol.12 (na); (bdud 'dul karma gu ru) terma of Guru Rinpoche as Dudul Karma Guru.

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