Karma Chagme Karma Tenzin Trinley

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Short Biography[edit]

The Karma Chagme, 'Avaloketeshvara in reality', was born to the Gehmotsang family of Lhathog village in Eastern Tibet with many miraculous signs. The sixteenth Karmapa recognized him as the unmistakable incarnation of Karma Chagmey giving him the name Karma Tenzin Trinley Kunkhyab Pal Zangpo. He was enthroned at his main seat Tashi Choling Monastery in Neydo. He studied all the Sutra and Tantra teachings with his tutor Neydo Sangye Rinpoche. He received empowerments, Oral transmissions, Mahamudra and Dzogchen teachings. After practicing these teachings he has given many empowerments and teachings according to the capabilities of his disciples. He has also benefited many beings through his blessings and practice of traditional medicine.

One early morning in 1945 five children carrying five brocade bags appeared to him. One child took out a scroll of writings on banana leaves and gave it to him. On it was written, "From Eastern Tibet we want to invite five Lama and you are one of them. It is time to go to India. The situation has changed and there will be many difficulties. Do not be attached to your home." From then on there were always signs and prophecies indicating he should leave Tibet. One day he had a vision of Guru Padmasambhava in the wrathful form saying "You are now late but if you leave within a week, you will face many obstacles but you will be able to leave Tibet." Secretly Rinpoche and some of his attendants traveled day and night towards Sho Ta Lho Sum where they stayed for about three months. At that time the Chinese army caught Rinpoche and put him in chains and while taking him away, there was a big explosion and Rinpoche was seen flying in the sky while his outer robes and chains remained on the ground. Similarly many other miraculous incidents occurred while he was fleeing from Tibet, allowing him safe arrival in India.

In 1984 Rinpoche visited his seat Tashi Choling Monastery in Neydo, Tibet for the first time since the Chinese occupation and stayed there two years. Rinpoche then made several trips to his monastery in the later years. Rinpoche has restored some parts of the monastery that was completely demolished during the Chinese occupation.
Rinpoche gives empowerments and expounded teachings according to the capabilities of the people present. Rinpoche helps many sick people who suffer from ailments through traditional healing practices. Thus living as a secret yogi he works tirelessly for the benefit of all sentient beings.
This short life story of the Peerless master Karma Chagmey Rinpoche was written by Khentrul, the incarnation of Karma Khenchen.
Sarva Mangalam.

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