Kenchen Lungrig Gyatso

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mkhan chen lung rigs rgya mtsho (16th cent.)

He was one of Jetsün Kunga Drölchog's closest disciples and instrumental in the finding of his incarnation, the Jonang Jetsün Tāranātha. Lungrig Gyatso studied extensively at the famous Sakya monastery of Serdogchen (gser mdog can), the seat of the great Shakya Chogden (1428-1507). From Kunga Drölchog he received the full transmission of the Kalacakra tantra and its commentaries, Kalacakra empowerment and full explanations of the Six Vajra Yogas of the Kalacakra system. He was closely involved in Tāranātha's enthronement at Jonang monastery and then continued to pass on to him all the transmissions and teachings he had received from Tāranātha's predecessor. Not long after having completed this task he apparently passed away. Unfortunately the "History of the Jonangpa" has only this short entry on him.

Source: "pal ldan jo nang pa'i chos 'byung rgyal ba'i chos tshul gsal byed zla ba'i sgron me", by Khenpo Ngawang Lodro Drakpa, Collected Works, 'Dzam thang edition, vol. 2, pp. 1-189 [TSD]

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