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Khenpo Sherab Ozer Rinpoche was born in 1966 to his father Trithub and mother Luyang. As a child in a nomadic family, he had no opportunity to attend school and instead spent his days tending livestock. He learned to read and write from his father, and, having a passion for fighting, used to spend the entire day pouring over the Gesar Epic, full of battles and heroic warriors, as his herd grazed.

In 1985, after liberalizing reforms permitted some religious practice in Tibet, Khenpo Sherab Ozer took refuge vows from Daktrul Thubten Shedrub. He then entered Drong Ngur Monastery, in Nakchu, where he applied himself to learning the monastery's particular ritual practices. At this time, he completed the 400,000 accumulations of the preliminary practices under the direction of Khenpo Karma Tengye Rinpoche. Following this he spent several years on pilgrimage during which he stayed in retreat at many remote places. In 1987, Khenpo Sherab Ozer took full monastic ordination from Drubwang Pachung Rinpoche.

Starting in 1992, he studied the principal Buddhist scriptures with Khenchen Konchog Gyaltshen Rinpoche, Khenpo Togdrol Rinpoche, and Khenpo Kunmon Rinpoche at Drikung Jangchub Ling in India. In subsequent years, while in Nepal, he listened to and contemplated the various classes of sutra and tantra teachings at the feet of Khenchen Pentse, Khenpo Chodzo, Khenpo Jadrel, and Khenpo Pema Gyaltsen.

As a result of his comprehensive studies, he was named an Acharya ("Master [of Scripture]") and served as a teacher for two years at Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling, the monastic college attached to Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche's monastery in Boudhanath, Nepal. At the same time, Khenpo Sherab Ozer served as a teacher at Rangjung Yeshe Chetho, Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling's sister college for foreigners.

In 2000, Khenpo Sherab Ozer attended the Drikung Kagyu Snake Year Teachings in Dehra Dun, India, at which he received empowerment, transmission, and instruction on various collected writings of Drikung Kagyu masters, given by many great Drikung Kagyu lamas and khenpos such as His Holiness Chetsang Rinpoche, His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche, and Choje Togden Rinpoche. The transmissions he received include The Extensive Mahamudra Scriptures (of the Indian mahasiddhas), The Collected Works of Lord Gampopa, The Collected Works of Lord Phagmodrupa, The Outer and Inner Collected Works and Profound Teachings of Lord Kyopa Rinpoche (i.e., Jigten Sumgon), and The Collected Works of Lord Chokyi Dragpa. In the course of the Snake Year Teachings, he was installed as a Khenpo of the Drikung Kagyu Scriptural College.

In 2001, Khenpo Sherab Ozer was invited to the United States by H.E. Garchen Rinpoche. He has been asked by H.H. Chetsang Rinpoche and H.E. Garchen Rinpoche to stay in the West specifically in order to teach the Bodhicaryavatara. In May of 2004, Khenpo Sherab Ozer established the Buddhist center Drikung Namgyal Ling in Tucson, Arizona, where he currently resides.

Khenpo Sherab Ozer has devoted his life to serving the Drikung Kagyu lineage. He is known for his crystal-clear, uncompromising presentations of the authentic Dharma and the loving care with which he guides his students. He is an accomplished scholar and a skilled teacher, author, singer, songwriter, and sewer. He maintains an active teaching schedule in America, Europe, and Asia.