Pang Mipham Gonpo

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Pang Gen Mipham Gonpo

spangs mi pham mgon po

Short Biography

Pang Mipham Gonpo Panggen Sangye Gonpo at a very old age, became one of Lochen Vairotsana's most important heart-students, and began at the age of 85 to practiced vigorously the teachings of (rdo rje zam pa), given to him at (brag dmar rdzong). After practicing his meditation, with the aid of a stick to hold up his chin and a meditation-strap to keep his legs crossed due to the difficulties derived from his advanced age, he live tell well over the age of a hundred. Becoming a extremely accomplish an a very important figure in the transmission of the Atiyoga Longde series. He eventually attained rain-bow body as did his student and next three generations of lineage master stemming from this great Vidydhara.[BL]

Primary Teachers

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Primary Lineage

  • Dzogchen Longde


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