Pema Wangyal Rinpoche

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Pema Wangyal Rinpoche

Pema Wangyal Rinpoche, Nyingma master living in Dordogne, France. Instrumental in bring Vajrayana, Nyingma in particular, to France. Heads the Padmakara Translation Group.

Short Biography[edit]

Tulku Pema Wangyal, Taklung Tsetul (1945-present), is the first son of the Rimey Dzogchen master Kangyur Rinpoche of Riwoche (1893-1974). He is the main resident master of the 3 year Nyingmapa retreats in Dordogne, France, director of the Association du Centre d'Etudes de Chanteloube and founder of the Padmakara Translation Group.

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Association du Centre d'Etudes de Chanteloube Songtsen activities Padmakara Translations

Prayer for the Long Life of Pema Wangyal Rinpoche

Om swasti Tsé lha gyatso’i chinlap tenjung lé

Om Swasti! Through dependent causation and the blessings of the infinity of long life deities,

Lung zin tak tsé’i gyutrül péma wang

May Pema Wangyal, prophesied magical emanation of the Taklung Tsetrul,

Sangsum ngadra’i gyalpo tar ten né

Be firm in body, speech and mind like the King of the Sounding Drum (Amitabha),

Lapchen ten dro’i zhétön thar gyé sho

And may the great waves of his wishes for the teachings and beings spread out to their ultimate extent.
This prayer for the health and long life of the supreme refuge Pema Wangyal Rinpoche, body speech and mind son of the mighty learned and accomplished Kyabjé Kangyur Rinpoche, was felt as an aspiration, written down and offered by the totally ignorant Buddhist monk known as Ngawang Chökyi Lodrö at Tashi Pelbar Ling in France on the auspicious twenty-second day of the Ripening (tenth) Month of the Earth Hare Year. Virtue !