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Write your requests to others translators/scholars (begin the line with an " * ")

  • Oct. 28, 07-- does any one have Jigme Lingpa's Karchag in Tibetan or Wylie? If you would share, please send to
  • August 27. Some folks have been asking me for a translation of dkon mchog spyi 'dus sadhanas by rig 'dzin 'ja' tshon snying po. I'm sure such translations exist already. Where do I find them??? Please contact me under Thanks a lot!!! TSD
  • Longchen Nyingtig Chod for download at
  • April 29. I found it!! :) Thanks! - deyan
  • April 18. Longchen Nyingtig Chod practice "Laughter of the Dakinins" translation. Who has one? deyan
  • April 12. I'm engaged in translating Tibetan Dharma-texts and at present I bumpend into an unusual situation - I was asked to translate Tibetan folklore texts, such as sutras, fairy-tales, jatakas, parables and what else of the sort. I have tried for a certain period of time to find them, still have had a failure. Can you please help me with finding this sort of texts? I would appreciate your help very much. Best Regards, Ilya. Kotomtsev Ilya <>