Seven Point Mind Training

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Seven Point Mind Training - (blo sbyong don bdun ma)

  • The Seven Point Mind Training by Atisha / Geshe Chekawa, patriarchs of the Kadampa tradition.
  • The Seven Point Mind Training of the Vima Nyingthig, which comprises the first stage of preliminary trainings in this tradition.

Chekawa Yeshe Dorje received this Lo Jong this teaching transmission originally from Sharawa, and the lineage also includes Dorje Senge Langri Thangpa, Potowa, Dromtonpa, and Lord Atisha.

The Lineage

According to tradition, the linage of this teaching is: Lord Buddha who passed it on to Maitreya, then to the brothers of Asanga and Vasubandhu, and eventually down to Serlingpa, Lord Atisha, Dromtonpa, Potowa, Sharawa and then finally to Chekawa Yeshe Dorje.

The Seven Points

The actual seven points are:

  1. The Practice of the Preliminaries
  2. The Main Practice: the Cultivation of Bodhichitta
  3. Transforming Adverse Circumstances and Situations into the Path of Awakening
  4. Maintaining the Practice for the Duration of our Lives
  5. How to Measure the success of Lo Jong
  6. The Precepts of Lo Jong
  7. Guidelines for Lo Jong

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