blo sbyong don bdun ma

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The 7 points of mind training [by Atisha) Kadampa tradition [: 1) preliminaries sngon 'gro rten gyi chos sems pa dang ???, 2) and whose main part is training in bodhicitta dngos gzhi byang chub kyi sems sbyong ba dang, 3) transforming bad conditions to the path to enlightenment rkyen ngan byang chub kyi lam du bsgyur ba, 4) tshe gcig gi nyams le dril nas bstan pa, 5) the measure of completion in mind training blo 'byongs pa'i tshad, 6) the samaya of mind training blo sbyong gi dam tshig, 7) the precepts of mind training blo sbyong gi bslab bya.] [IW]

The Seven Point Mind Training [by Atisha]; Seven Points of Mind Training [RY]

by Chekawa [RY]

by rgyal sras thogs med bzang po dpal - (1295-1369) [RY]

The 7 points of mind training [by Atisha Kadampa tradition [IW]

Seven points of Mind Training, by Chekawa [RY]

Seven Points of Mind Training [RY]