Drubwang Shakya Shri

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grub dbang sha'kya shr'i

Drupwang Shakya Shri

Brief Biography

Drugu Tokden Shakya Shri (rtogs ldan sha'kya shr'i - རྟོགས་ལྡན་ཤཱཀྱ་ཤྲཱི་) b.1853: A Tibetan mahasiddha of the 19th century chiefly connected with the Drukpa Kagyu lineage. Born in Drugu, Chamdo easter Tibet, with all the signs of a great being he was later recognized as a manifestation of the Lord of Yogis Saraha by Jamyang Mipham Rinpoche and The Terton Adzom Drukpa.

Literary Works

  • Collected Work, Terma & Table of Contents at TBRC:[1]

Main Teachers

Main Students

The Six Tulku Sons (Bone Lineage)

  • 1st: Tulku Rinchen Kunden
  • 2nd: Rigdzin Tsewang Jigme
  • 3rd: Kunlha Tendzin
  • 4th: Tsewang Rinchen
  • 5th: Phagchog Dorje
  • 6th: Ngawang Choying

Main Lineages

Alternate Names

Other Reference Sources

  • Sey Rinpoche
  • rje bstun bla ma rdo rje'i 'chang chen po sha' kya shri' dznya na'i' rnam thar me tog phreng ba
  • Togden Shakya Shri The Life and Liberation of a Tibetan Yogin: translated by Elio Guarisco- Shang Shung Publications 2009. ISBN 978-88-7834-103-6
  • Blazing Splendor The Memoirs of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche. page 137
  • A Marvelous Garland of Rare Gems: Biographies of Masters of Awareness in the Dzogchen Lineage. pages 442-443.
  • Peak Doorways to Emancipation: Great Completion Texts on the Introduction to the Nature of Mind and Thorough Cut from the Collected Works of Shakya Shri. Translated by Tony Duff. Padma Karpo Translation Committee, 2008.
  • "The Vital Essence" in Quintessential Dzogchen, translated & compiled by Erik Pema Kunsang and Marcia Binder Schmidt. Rangjung Yeshe Publications 2006, pages 27-36

Internal Links

External Links

  • Great-grandson and present Lineage holder Sey Rinpoche's website:[2]
  • Case Studies from the Family of Rtogs ldan Śākya shrī. by M. Sheehy 2011[3]