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'bum - 1) 100,000; 2) The Prajnaparamita Sutra in 8,000 Lines, [by the Buddha on the Vulture Peak, in the city of Rajagriha etc. to the sangha of bodhisattvas the profound dharmas of emptiness taught in answer to questions of Shariputra, Subhuti, brgya byin and so forth,] (see The Perfection of Wisdom in 8,000 Lines (RiBa)). The extensive Prajnaparamita in a hundred thousand verses [IW]

rab 'byor - Subhuti shA kya thub pa'i nyan thos nye 'khor bcu'i gras stong nyid ston pa'i mchog tu gyur pa'o,//a prominent disciple of the buddha [IW]

rab 'byor - Subhuti [IW]

rab 'byor - 1 of buddha's disciples, disciples of buddha who were astute in asking questions, Subhuti [JV]

rab 'byor - Subhuti; disciple of the Buddha, especially in the discourses of Prajnaparamita. Subhuti, important monk follower of the Buddha; Subhuti, a prominent disciple of the Buddha [RY]