Sungtrul Thupten Lungtok

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V.V. Dodrubchen Sungtrul I Thupten Lungtok Gyatso

gsung sprul thub bstan lung rtogs
Dodrub Sungtrul Thupten Lungtok
rdo grub gsung sprul thub bstan lung rtogs

Short biography

Dodrup Sungtrul Thupten Luungtok Gyatso ( - ); The great Nyingma Master, H.H. Dodrupchen the third was the spiritual head of Dodrupchen Sangchen Ngodrup Palbarling tradition, which is a branch of Palri Thokchok Ling lineage (the supreme tradition of the clear light heart essence teachings). Two reincarnations came from the third Dodrupchen, Lingtrul and Seltrul.

H.E. Dodrup Sungtrul Rinpoche Thupten Lungtok Gyatso is the speech emanation of Lingtrul, also known as Rigdzin Tenpe Gyaltsen.

His Father, Garwa Gyaltse Pema Tsewang was from the unbroken lineage of the special descendants of Awareness holders. His Mother, Thupten Lhamo is Sister of Terton Kusum Lingpa.

H.E. Dodrup Sungtrul Rinpoche was recognised and taken great care of, in both religious and secular matters, by H.H. Dodrupchen Rinpoche.

He studied reading and writing at an early age, and received teachings on preliminary practices and yogas of channels and wind from his uncle Terton Kusum Lingpa Rinpoche.

From great masters such as Kyabje Chadral Sangay Dorjee Rinpoche, H.H. Penor Rinpoche, Kyabje Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche, Khenchen Thupten Odser Rinpoche, Dungse Thinley Norbu Rinpoche, Khenpo Akong Rinpoche, Palyul Lhatrul Rinpoche as well as from other great masters, he received the empowerments, reading transmissions and instructions of various Dharma teachings, and earnestly studied with H.H. Dodrupchen Rinpoche for ten years and received special empowerments, transmissions, and pith instructions, all of which he practiced.

Thus he became a perfect teacher. Dodrupchen Sungtrul Thupten Lungtok Gyatso Rinpoche was honored with the special hat and the title of Tantric Master.

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