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About the one or two Karmapas, let's try to keep this site out of politics. My personal opinion is that we could adopt the Prasangika view in this way: "It's true that they both say they have one." The rest time will tell. EPK

I'm agreeable to that, but in that case would suggest to have titles redirect to title holder names, rather than title holder names redirect to titles. ie, 1st Karmapa redirect -> dus gsum mkhen pa, and 17th Karmapa as a page with links to both who have been called by the name and individual descriptions under their wylie names. I will leave it to the editors to come up with the naming standards. smyo po

I believe Thomas Roth already has made a lot of redirects, at least for the first 16. Try a search for "Karmapa" in the wiki search box. EPK