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dri med gling pa

theg chen gling pa

Short biography

Thekchen Lingpa Karma Drodön Tarchin, (1700-75/6 see GC, vol. Ga, p. 218), also known as Tertön Drime Lingpa (gter ston dri med gling pa), was born in Zurkar (zur mkhar) as a descendant of Padma Dechen Lingpa (pad ma bde chen gling pa). He was the incarnation of Guru Padmasambhava's disciple Gyalwa Chöyang (rgyal ba mchog dbyangs) and the immediate incarnation of Rongpa Tertön Dudul Lingpa (rong pa gter ston bdud 'dul gling pa).

He became a disciple of Rigdzin Thukchog Dorje (rig 'dzin thugs mchog rdo rje) from whom he received the transmission of the Kunzang Nyingthig (kun bzang snying thig) of Tennyi Lingpa (bstan gnyis gling pa, 1480-1535). He was gifted with clairvoyance and had visions in which he remembered his former births as Melong Dorje (me long rdo rje, 1243-1303), Dechen Lingpa (bde chen gling pa), Dudul Lingpa (bdud 'dul gling pa) and others. He lived a contemplative life in solitary places and revealed several termas in Trak Yangdzong (sgrags yang rdzong) and other places. His descendants are still found at Zurkar Lhadeng (zur mkhar lha sdeng). [MRKT-ShabkarNotes]

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