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Treasure Vase - Courtesy: [1]


One of bkra bshis pa'i rtags brgyad; the Eight Auspicious Symbols.

1 vase [vessel w kha gyer ba ??? and widened belly]; 2) chu 'khor dang lag mchig gi 'bru blug khung, ??? bottle, flask, vase, jug, pot, bulge (of a stupa). [IW]

bottle, flask, vase, jug, pot, bulge [of a stupa]; See also 'chi med tse bum. [RY]

vase. [RB]

dome. [RY]

holy water vessel, sacred bowl, vase (as treasury of all desires), bottle, ritual vessel, pot-belly stomach, water-bottle, flask, bottle-shaped ornaments in architecture, pot, urn, earthen jar, vessel for water, (1 of khyim bcu gnyis), ceremonial vase, ceremonial vase. [JV]