Tri Ralpachen

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the 41st king of Tibet and grandson of King Trisong Deutsen [RY]

skyid pa'i gdung rabs phyed dang bcu gsum - the 12 and a half generations of happiness. From King Lha Totori to King Tri Ralpachen; Twelve and a half Happy Generations [RY]

khri ral pa can - Tri Ralpachen. See Ralpachen [RY]

glang dar ma - Langdarma. Brother of the great Dharma King Ralpachen and the persecutor of the Sangha in central Tibet during a five year reign. During his brief reign, he almost succeeded in eradicating Buddhism in Tibet. assassinated by Palgyi Dorje, 906 [RY]

mnga' bdag nyang ral pa can - Lord Ralpachen of Nyang. Nyang Ral Nyima Özer [RY]

mnga' bdag mes gsum - Trisong Deutsen, Songtsen Gampo and Ralpachen, the three ancestral kings [of the Dharma] [RY]

snga 'gyur - Early Translations, Early Translation School. A synonym for the Old School, the Nyingma tradition. The teachings translated before the great translator Rinchen Sangpo, during the reigns of the Tibetan kings Trisong Deutsen and Ralpachen [RY]

chos rgyal mes dbon rnam gsum - Three Forefather Dharma Kings; three ancestral religious kings, three great "Buddhist" kings of Tibet Songtsen Gampo, Trisong Deutsen, and Tri Ralpachen {srong btsan sgam po, khri srong lde btsan} and {khri ral pa can};: [RY]

ral pa can - 1) King Ralpachen [IW]

ral pa can - Ralpachen. (815-841) or (866-901). The third great Dharma King of Tibet. He supported the standardization of new grammar and vocabulary for translation and the revision of old translations. He renewed old centers for learning and practice and invited many Buddhist scholars to Tibet. He was renowned for his devotion to the Dharma and is regarded as an incarnation of Vajrapani [RY]