Urgyen Tsemo, Paro

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Urgyen Tsemo

Urgyen Tsemo (ཨྱོན་རྩེ་མོ ) is located on the summit of the cliff above Paro Taktsang. A temple was established here in the 15th Century by Uwo Yeshe Bum of Kathok (kaH thog pa ye shes 'bum) whose descendants looked after Taktsang until it was offered to Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal in 1645.

The old temple was destroyed by fire in 1951. A new three storyed Zangdogpalri style temple was constructed at Urgyen Tsemo in 1958, under the patronage of the late Queen Mother, Ashi Phuntso Chodron.

The location is very exposed to the elements and corrugated iron sheeting has been put round parts of the temple to protect it. However inside the temple are wonderful images and wall paintings on all three floors.

From Urgyen Tsemo you can descend through a ravine for about forty five minutes to reach Shama Lhakhang. From Urgyen Tsemo one can also go on to Oselgang and Bumdrag.