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Tsadra Lotsawa Workbench Project - PILOT PROJECT IDEA

TEST: དགོངས་པ -
Term Template Stub = Template:Term = Form:Term - Category:Terms
Template:TermAdmin - Form:TermAdmin
Template:Lotsawa Workbench & Template:Lotsawa Workbench Project
Query Tests

PHASE ONE: Linking
PHASE 1a: Create a template for all Dictionary Terms that links all RY Wiki Dictionary Term pages to a set of databases and websites via PAGENAME (which in this case is a Wylie term or phrase)
PHASE 1b: ADD Tsadra Glossary search results to each Dictionary Term page.
PHASE 1c: Create a bot or script to convert all Wylie to Tibetan Unicode and add template {{Term}} to the top of all pages in Category:Tibetan Dictionary.
PHASE 1d: Create a FORM or FORMs for the public so they can add specific data to a Dictionary Term
PHASE 1e: Collaborate with other people and projects related to this material and invite them to the project.
PHASE TWO: Translation Memories (TMs)
PHASE 2a: Adding templated "tagged" Translation Memories (TMs) to the DRL wiki so they can be called onto RY Wiki Dictionary Term pages with semantic calls.
PHASE 2b: Adding Translation Memories (TMs) for Tsadra books such as the TOK and DNZ volumes.
PHASE 2c: Create an example workflow for a single data enterer
PHASE 2d: Consider Automation of reading TMs by developing a MediaWiki Extension or other app.
DESIGN new Dictionary Term Page to integrate Translation Memories (TMs).
PHASE THREE: Text Analytics
Develop text analytical tools for lexical work


  1. Looks like we have PageForms and Semantic MediaWiki installed now. What settings do we need to change to make use of Forms and begin doing semantic calls, etc or are we all set to get going?
    1. What can we do without adding many Extensions to the current wiki as it is?
  2. What can we do style-wise without reskinning the site for now? Can we use a single page as a design sandbox and reskin that for our own purposes? (We would need to show our plan to stakeholders before making a big change to the style of the wiki).