Vajra yogini

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rta phag - Hayagriva and Vajra yogini [RY]

rdo rje rnal 'byor ma - Vajra yogini; see also (Vajrayogini) [RY]

na ro mkha' spyod - Vajra yogini in the form Khechari, according to the teachings of Naropa [RY]

mtshan ldan da ma ru - perfect damaru; must have the skull of a boy born in the horse year (rta lo), who has died of a natural death at the age of sixteen and a skull a of girl born in the pig year (phag lo), who died at the age of fourteen of a natural death. The male skull represents Hayagriva (rta mgrin) and the female skull Vajra yogini (rdo rje phag mo). When playing these skull damarus the dakas and dakinis are powerlessly drawn to the ceremony like flies are drawn to rotten meat [RY]