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rdo rje ldan pa, also rdo rje ldan pa chen po (10/11th century)

There were at least three masters by this same name. This particular one, reputedly a student of the Mahapandita Naropa, was a teacher of the Tibetan scholar and yogin Khedrub Khyungpo Naljor (10/12th cent.), the founder of the Shangpa Kagyu school, one of the eight distinct practice lineages of Tibet. According to a lineage supplication by Taranatha, he is counted among the masters of the transmission lineages of the five tantras of Hevajra, Guhyasamaja, Cakrasamvara, Mahamaya and Vajrabhairava, all of which he passed on to Khyungpo Naljor. Jamgon Kongtrul considers him to be the middle one from among the three Vajrasanapas. [TSD]