Yongla Jigme Kundrol Namgyal

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yongs la 'jigs med kun grol rnam rgyal
Jigme Kundrol Namgyal
'jigs med kun grol rnam rgyal


Short Biography

Jigme Kundrol Namgyal, the 1st Yongla Lama was born in Wang Dhaklungkhar, Bhutan. Before he became the disciple of the master Jigme Lingpa, he was in Trongsa having entered the service of “Garpa” under the Royal Government of Bhutan. He was assigned the charge of the meat store keeper and during the five years of his service in the store, he had to slaughter countless animals which inevitably led to regrets and sorrow. As a result, he pleaded for resignation from such a service, but was not released and had to serve in the same capacity for another five years. Subsequently, his sorrow for the everlasting cycle of life and pity for his sins, knew no bounds and finally absconded from service. After travelling day and night, he arrived at Samye Chimpu where he met the most outstanding and accomplished Treasures-discover Rigdzin Jigme Lingpa and fell at his feet. At that time the first Petsel Ling Rinpoche, Drupthob Namgyal Lhundrup was there receiving teachings from Rigdzin Jigme Lingpa, when Jigme Kundrol was there as a new student with the master. Since he too hailed from Thimphu area, the Drupthob showered deep affection on him during their stay together.

Eventually, he received the pith instruction on and accomplished the entire Longchen Nyingthig teachings. He specialized in the practices of Pongwa Samten (order of abandonment) for about fifteen years and realized the reasoning of everything. He was then instructed by his master, Rigdzin Jigme Lingpa, to proceed to “ Lhomon” ( The country in the south) where the abode of Vajra indicating wrath existed (Yongla Gonpa). He mistook Bumthang Tang Thowa Drak for Yongla Gonpa and went to live there. He meditated there for three long years and then went to live at Bumthang Ura Wangthang. Realizing that the temple prophesied by Jigme Lingpa was not at this place, he went to see the Drupthob, Namgyal Lhundrup from whom he received many teachings. Then not long after, Norbu Pekar of Dhungsum Norbuling, a devotee of Petsel Ling Rinpoche sent a request that he conducting the Dhutsi Mendrub ceremony at Dhungsum Kidpi Jong.

The Master Namgyal Lhundrup was at that time already very advanced in age and was unable to embark on such a long journey. Therefore he sent Jigme Kundrol, conferring on him the title and post of Yongla Lama so that he could be of service to the people and help spread the teachings. On his part, Jigme Kundrol, established the Dhungsam Yongla Tenge Riwo Pelbar Ling monastery, the place prophesied by his master for promulgation the Dharma of Longchen Nyingthig and most importantly for the benefit of all sentient beings and the country in particular.

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