Samye Chimpu

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Samye Chimphu (bsam yas chims phu). The sacred place of Padmasambhava's speech. A mountain retreat situated four hours walk above Samye. During the last twelve centuries numerous great masters have meditated in the caves at this hermitage. EPK


Drakmar Yamalung (brag dmar g.ya' ma lung), the eighth among the sacred places in Tibet and Bhutan blessed by Guru Padmasambhava for the practice of the Eight Herukas.

These eight places are:

1) Drak Yangdzong (sgrags yang rdzong), the place related to the Heruka of the Body Family, Jampel Shinje, where Nup Sangye Yeshe achieved realization,

2) Samye Chimphu (bsam yas mchims phu), the place related to the Heruka of the Lotus, Speech Family, Tamdrin, where Gyalwa Choyang attained realization;

3) Lodrak Karchu (lho brag mkhar chu), the place related to the Heruka of the Mind Family, Yandak, where Gelong Namkhai Nyingpo revealed realization;

4) [[Yarlung Shardrak (yar lung shel brag), the place related to the Heruka of the Enlightened Qualities Family, Dudtsi Yonten, where Karchen Yeshe Shonnu attained realization;

5) Monkha Senge Dzong (mon kha seng ge rdzong), the place related to the Heruka of the Activities Family, Dorje Phurba, where Khandro Yeshe Tsogyal attained realization;

6) Yarto Shambo Khyangkyi Rawa (yar stod sham po gangs kyi ra ba), the place related to the Mamo Botong, where Drokmi Palkyi Yeshe attained realization;

7) Paro Taktsang (spa gro stag tshang bsam grub ke'u tshang), the place related to Jigten Choto, where Langchen Palgyi Senge attained realization;

8) Samye Yamalung (bsam yas g.ya' ma lung), the place related to the Mopa Trak ngak, where the Great Translator, Vairocana revealed realization. (MR-ShabkarNotes)