Yumowa Mikyo Dorje

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Yumowa Mikyo Dorje

He was an 11th century Tibetan master (b. 1027), a Kalachakra yogin and disciple of the Kashmiri scholar Somanatha. He formulated his understanding of ultimate reality much along the same lines as the Jonang master Dolpopa Sherab Gyaltsen was to do much later, without however coining the same explicit terminology. Therefore Yumowa is often regarded as the originator of the Jonangpa's Shentong view and the founder of their school, which he clearly was not.

From Yumowa Mikyo Dorje onwards, the Dro lineage of the Kalachakra passed on through the lineage-holders Dharmeshvara, Namkha Odzer, Machig Tulku Jobum, Drubtob Sechen, Choje Jamyang Sarma and Choku Odzer.

Choku Odzer in turn became the teacher of Kunpang Thukje Tsondru who became the actual founding father of the Jonangpa school.