Zurchung Sherab Drakpa

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zur chung shes rab 'grags pa

Short biography[edit]

Deshek Gyawopa, Zurchungpa Sherab Drak

Zurchungpa Sherab Drakpa (1014-1074), was born in Yeru Tsang (g.yas ru gtsang) to Thakpa Gomchen and Mojo Sherab Kyi. After his wife's separation from him and a total discouragement with samsaric life, he ran away to study and practice at the feet of the Great Lharje Zurpoche, whom he was related to. Fallowing in the tradition and lineage of Zurpoche, he lived and taught at Ugpa Lung Gon ('ug pa lung) for most of his life. Having gained mastery through the practice of Vajrasattva's sadhana and abiding exactly by the words and teachings of Zurchen Shakya Jungne, he came to see all arisen phenomena as perfectly pure Dharmakaya. With his great powers and accomplishment attained from his mastery over the five elements, he benefited limitless students and mother-beings. All of Tibet, even his critics came to pay homage at his feet. Among the multitudes of his disciple it was his famed son Zur Shakya Senge; Drophugpa who became the sun-like heart disciple to his father's lineage and teachings. [BL]


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