a ti yo ga'i theg pa

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ati yoga yana [the 9th of 9 vehicles of Nyingma, also called shin tu rnal 'byor rdzogs pa chen po'i theg pa, supreme yoga, the [vehicle of the] great perfection. As preliminaries rig pa'i rtsal bzhis [four powers of insight/awareness] are ripened, the view is insight/awareness beyond any discursive conceptuality of mind (which equals our attribute of innate nature as primordial wisdom) the intrinsic face or reality of these three kayas; the empty nature dharmakaya, the luminous nature sambhogakaya, all pervading compasssion as nirmanakaya. In meditation having joined the experiences of timeless purity cutting through what appears as both physical and conceptual solidity (ka dag khregs chod) and, the spontaneous presence of sudden pefection -as it is- of thod rgal practice qv, whatever sitations appear arise as this play of manifestations of dharmata, therefore presented without accepting and rejecting hope and fear. The fruition is reaching four appearances, snang bzhi, qv. By this the rainbow body,'ja' lus, the supreme body of the great transformation 'pho ba chen po'i sku mchog is attained, or more appropriately - 'comes to be revealed'. This is called the level of the guru, awareness, ye shes bla ma'i sa; the level of Samantabhadra; 11th bhumi, or the permanent domain of the youthful vase body, gzhon nu bum sku'i gtan srid. [IW]

ati yoga yana [the ninth of the 9 vehicles of Nyingma] [IW]

ati yoga yana [IW]

the vehicle of Ati Yoga. Syn Dzogchen and Great Perfection. [RY]