bde gshegs snying po

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sugata-essence, buddha nature, essence of the sugatas, buddha nature [JV]

sugatagarbha [Buddha-nature, sugata-essence nucleus of the sugata fundamental continuity gzhi rgyud primordially existing within the continuums of all sentient beings, empty in essence, ngo bo; luminous by nature, rang bzhin; and embodying bdag nyid can [or just mean having the nature all pervading compassion.] [IW]

bde bar gshegs pa'i snying po sugatagarbha; "buddha nature" potential/ heart essence for attaining/ reaching the state of bliss [sutra context] potential/ heart essence that constitutes attaining/ reaching the state of bliss [Dzogchen context] [RB]

sugatagarbha [IW]

Tathagata garbha [RY]

Buddha-nature [RY]

buddha-nature, sugata-essence, sugatagarbha, [essence of enlightenment present in all sentient beings] [RY]

Buddha Nature - (bde gshegs snying po): It is not an "entity" but ultimate nature of mind, free from veils of ignorance. Every sentient being has the potential to actualize this buddha nature by revealing perfect knowingness through pristine cognition of this nature of mind. This is in a way the "primordial goodness" of sentient beings. The innate all-pervasive primordial purity. [MR]