byang chub kyi sems rdzogs pa chen po mkha' mnyam klong gi rgyal po

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Sky-like Vast Space Tantra of the Great Perfection (of) the Primordial State

Tibetan title: byang chub kyi sems rdzogs pa chen po mkha’ mnyam klong gi rgyal po zhes bya ba

Sanskrit title: bodhicitta mahasandhi khasame alankara tantra raja na ma

Folios 164

Status: translation in progress

Translators: Adriano Clemente, Jim Valby, Elio Guarisco

This Tantra of Semde was suggested for translation by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu at his own special preference.

It is a text composed in verses of short lines and comprising 26 chapters. Its style and language suggest a text whose appearance is latter than the Marvelous Primordial State, however its special treatment of various subjects makes it a wonderful and very deep tantra.

Its subjects include self-originated wisdom, the vast space of the mind, nothing to train in, no birth and no death, nothing to search and nowhere to travel, the total quality, the pledges etc. All these are revealed as the vast space itself of one’s own primordial state.

Because of its direct, deep way of introducing the view, meditation and conduct, the translation of this tantra will be an unprecedented possibility to access the very source of the present Dzogchen teaching.