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Elio Guarisco was born in Como, Northen Italy in 1954. He has been a student of Buddhist Philosophy since 1974. Fluent in both colloquial Tibetan and Classical Tibetan, Elio is one of the foremost translators in the field. He has acted for many years as the translator for a number of eminent Tibetan masters, including the Dalai Lama. In the last twelve years he has worked in India on a long term project of translating into English the Sheja Kunkhyab or Encyclopedia of Indo-Tibetan Culture authored by the Great Kongtrul, the eclectic scholar and saint protagonist of the Rimed movement in Eastern Tibet at the end of the nineteen century.

In the course of his studies and works he authored several translations, such as The Life and Teaching of A Tibetan Master (in Italian), The Autobiography of the 84 Tantric Masters of India (in Italian), The Lifestory of Kunga Lekpa (in Italian), Myriad Worlds, Buddhist Ethics, The Indestructibe Way, The Lifestory of Shakya Shri, as well as three volumes of work on Tibetan Medicine; The Silver Mirror, Tibetan Medicine Applied in an Easy Way; Universal Benefit, the Practice of Kunye the Tibetan Massage.

He is currently translating the 3 Vol text of Elements for the Study of Tibetan Medicine by Dr. Thubten Phuntsog which is the teaching text used in the Institute's Foundation Course. He himself authored When the Garuda Flew to the West, memories of his experiences of study under a Tibetan Master, Geshe Rapten.

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