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ka ba dpal brtsegs - a translator [JV]

skad sgyur - 1) translation, translator, interpreter. 2) modulation of voice [RY]

skad sgyur mkhan - interpreter, translator [JV]

skad bsgyur - translator, interpreter [RY]

skad gnyis pa - 1) parrot. 2) lotsawa. interpreter. translator. 3) lit. "that having two kinds of voices."; that having two kinds of voices, poet. interpreter, translator, parrot [RY]

skad gnyis dbang phyug - "bilingual master." great translator. Syn {skad gnyis smra ba}. [RY]

skad gnyis smra ba - bilingual. Lotsawa, translators [RY]

skad gnyis smra ba - lotsawa. 'bilingual.' translator; one who has mastered two languages, interpreter [RY]

The great and continuous mandala of teachers, teachings, translators and scholars.
The appropriate time, due to the timelessness of Knowledge and Wisdom.
The appropriate place...any place due to the nature of space."
The appropriate following, due to attentiveness to detail.

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