Conceptual Thought

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rtog pa - Skt parikalpana, kalpana, 1) abstraction, activity of empirical mind, concept, conception, conceptual consciousness, conceptual thought, conceptualization, discursive thought, elaborate thought activity, examining, grasping of experience through thought, introspection, idea, imputation, intellectual systemization, intention, investigation, meditation, mental activity, notion, reflection, thinking, thought consciousness, thought construction, thought. 2) Concept, as one of the four variables, Def. by Jamgön Kongtrül: {'du byed kyi chos rnams la sings por 'jug pa'o}. 3) {rtog pa, brtags pa, brtag pa, rtogs} trans. v. , to consider, examine, conceptualize, conceive (of), search into, look through, investigate, think, to scrutinize, search into, examine, investigate, impute [RY]

rtog tshogs - concepts, thoughts; ordinary thought, conceptual thought patterns [RY]

rnam rtog - discursive or conceptual thought [RY]

rnam rtog nyid bsgom - meditation guided by conceptual thought [JV]

rnam par rtog pa - {rnam rtog} thoughts. Syn {rnam par 'byed pa}, discursive thought, conceptual thought, thinking; conception conceive [distinction], to grasp categories, conceptualize, evaluate, to form secondary judgments, discursive mind, to project concepts onto, discrimination, reflective mind forms, conceptualization, conception, chain thinking, thought chains, discursive thought; discursive thought, [vikalpa]; 5) as one of {chos lnga} in Mind-Only, Def. by Jamgön Kongtrül: {sems dang sems las byung ba rnam rtog ste, mtshan bcas mtshan med nyon mongs mi mongs sogs, rnam rtog gi ngo bo ni sems dang sems las byung ba rnams so} [RY]

blo rtog - thought and the conceptual mind, conceptual thought, conceptual mind [JV]

har sang rgya yan - translucent and wakeful openness w/ o conceptual thought and points of reference, like space, {zang thal khyab gdal}, {kha yan} [IW]

har sang rgya yan - translucent and wakeful openness [free from all conceptual thought and points of reference without being unconscious, like pure space]. Syn {zang thal khyab gdal} / {kha yan} [RY]