dpa' bo

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1) courageous person [syn: gyad mi dang, 'jigs med, nyam nga med, snying stobs can, bsnyengs bral, gtum pa'i dpung pa can, stobs chen, brtul phod pa, thal byung 'gro, rnam gnon can, pha rol gnon, bag mi tsa, mi 'gong ba, tsom pa med, zhum pa mi mnga' zhe sdang ldan, g.yul ngor brtan, g.yul na brjid]; 2) Ashvagosha [one of the 'phags yul gyi chen po bzhi slob dpon dpa' bo, in W India yab bram ze che'i rig byed yan lag brgyad la byang chub pa son of the great physician seng ge gsang ba &, his consort rin chen dngos grub, from the time he was small studied the vedas &, rig byed kyi yan lag bzhi, nye ba'i yan lag bzhi, las drug etc., esp medicine, later became buddhist, named rta dbyangs, mu stegs rtag pa smra ba'i lugs la mkhas par gyur nas W buddhist pandits dang brtzad pas rta dbyangs rgyal te nang pa'i bstan pa bsnubs nas phyi pa'i lugs su bsgyur and lho phyogs su rtzod par phebs pa las, student of Nagarjuna Aryadeva, rta dbyangs dang phyi nang gi doctrines rtzod par phebs nas rta dbyangs was defeated and became buddhist, phyis su dpal mgon klu sgrub yab sras kyi slob ma, [IW]

1) daka, vira/ (spiritual) hero, warrior 2) Ashvaghosa, hero, heroic, warrior. chen po great warrior. male space farers, heroic spiritual being [RY]

vira/ (spiritual) hero [RB]

1) courageous person, daka, hero[ic], v ra, warrior; 2) Ashvagosha [IW]

vira, hero, asvaghosha, buddha hero, dakas, crazy, heroic, consort, male counterpart of dakini, intrepid, (chivalrous, fearless) person, demi-god, brave, best, courageous, valiant, medium, Pawos [JV]

Daka [RY]

1) hero (in the sense of a courageous and altruistic person); 2) Ḍāka (male counterpart of ḍākinī, although this Sanskrit term is debated); 3) Hero (epithet for a Buddha). Mahāvyutpatti: वीरः ॥ vīraḥdpa' bo ॥ དཔའ་བོ་ [Erick Tsiknopoulos]