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4 moments (eating, sitting, walking, sleeping), 4 seasons (dbyar, dgun, ston, dpyid), 4 times (nang, nub, nyin, mtshan), four universal eons (rdzogs ldan, sum ldan, gnyis ldan, rtsod ldan), four periods (noon, midnight, evening, early morning), fourth time [JV]

1) four times: past, present, future, and indefinite time. 2) four seasons. 3) four ages: the perfect age rdzogs ldan kritayuga. the threefold age tretayuga gsum ldan the twofold age dvaparayuga gnyis ldan and the age of degeneration rtsod ldan kaliyuga. seasons [RY]

1) four ages/ times/ seasons; 2) all year [IW]

1) four ages/ times/ seasons [gold, silver, bronze, iron; the perfect age rdzogs ldan or krtayuga, the third age tretayuga or gsum ldan the second age gnyis ldan or dv parayuga, and the age of degeneration rtsod ldan or kaliyuga); 2) the four times [past, present, future and indefinite time); 3) the four seasons [dpyid, dbyar, ston, dgun also different periods of the buddhas teaching etc) [IW]