gnyis ldan

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gnyis ldan gyi dus age of one half perfection [RB]

'having two'; dvapara-yuga. the second age of the aeon, which is particularly suited to the practice of Ubhaya Tantra. In Sanskrit, dVapara also indicates the second-side of a coin. [RY]

twice, second age, brahmanical astrological age in which two measures of virtue are left to humanity, two-fold, see also bskal pa bzhi, dus bzhi; [Skt.] - dVapara, name of a yuga. The name of the 3rd of the 4 Yugas or ages of the world (comprising 2400 years). [JV]

1) dvapara-yuga, 2nd age of the aeon; 2) having both together, complete in both ways [IW]

dv parayuga, 2nd age of the aeon [particularly suited to the practice of ubhayatantra] [IW]