eight gates of outward luminosity

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...from The Light of Wisdom, Vol. 1, pg.255, note #200:

These eight gates manifesting as outward luminosity are described as follows. The eight gates of spontaneous presence, which are the self-display of awareness rising from the ground, manifest from the stirring of wisdom wind, breaking the seal of the youthful vase body, the original ground space of primordial purity (ka dag). At this moment the dharmakaya (chos sku) manifestation of primordial purity appear above, like a cloudless sky, and the luminous sambhogakaya realms fill the vast expanse of sky straight ahead. From this expression, the great ground-manifestation appear below and from its expression below appear sambhogakaya manifestations, the manifestation of nirmanakaya realms in the cardinal and intermediate directions. Further below, from the gate of samsara appear infinite self-manifest realms of the six-classes of beings. All of this appears naturally from the manifestation of the eight gates of spontaneous presence, and thus this great display as samsara and nirvana manifest simultaneously. Thus is this taught. (JOKYAB)

As, or when this inner luminosity appears as outward luminosity, the manifestation of essence is unobstructedly self-luminous, the manifestation of nature is primordially radiant as five lights, and the manifestation of compassion is self-manifest from its innate quality of openness, like a cloudless sky. (JOKYAB)

The eight gates of the manifestation modes are described in the Tantra of the Great Graceful Auspiciousness: "Unobstructed space manifests as compassion, unobstructed appearance manifests as five lights, unobstructed enjoyment manifests as wisdom, unobstructed view manifests as nonduality, unobstructed means manifests as liberation from extremes, the perfected entrance gate of pure wisdom, and unobstructed impure capacity like a precious wish-fulfilling jewel". The eminent Jamdrak Rinpoche described these as being identical with the eight collections of consciousnesses. (JOKYAB)