g.yu khog bya bral ba

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Yukhok Chatralwa
Chadrel Choying Rangdrol
bya bral chos dbyings rang grol


Short Biography

English Biography

'Yukhok Chatralwa Lama Choying Rangdrol (1872-1952) was an important master in the Longchen Nyingthig lineage and textual system of Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche. Though he was not a direct student of the 3rd Dodrupchen he had enormous devotion and confidence in his words and teachings, which he received via two of his teachers, Chagmo Tulku and most importantly Lerab Lingpa. According to Tulku Thondup who met Chadrelwa when is was 12 years old, Choying Rangdrol's teaching always consisted many direct quotes from the text and teaching of Dodrub Jigme Tenpa Nyima, of which me had committed to memory.[BL]

Tibetan Biography

གཡུ་ཁོག་བྱ་བྲལ་ཆོས་དབྱིངས་རང་གྲོལ་གྱི་སློབ་ཚོགས་མཐའ་ཡས་པ་བྱོན་པ་ལས་གཙོ་ཆེ་རྭ་སྐོར་མཁན་དྲི་མེད་འོད་ ཟེར། རྒྱ་རོང་བརྩོན་འགྲུས། མཁན་ཆོས་ཁྱབ། སྐྱབས་རྗེ་རྡོ་གྲུབ་བཞི་པ་སོགས་བྱོན་པ་རྡོ་གྲུབ་ནི་དཀྱུས་སུ་སོང༌།

Literary Works

Main Teachers

Main Students

Main Lineages

Alternate Names & Spellings

  • Pema Dorje
  • Yukhok Lama Choying Rangdrol

Other Reference Sources

  • Nyoshul Khenpo's A Marvelous Garland of Rare Gems: Biographies of Masters of Awareness in the Dzogchen Lineage pages 316-318.
  • Tulku Thondup's Masters of Meditation and Miracles pages 260-265.

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