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1) GA; 2) vol 3; 3) what where; 4) Kaptse; 5) particle [IW]

all; gsum ga all three [RY]

1) the third letter. 2) volume three in a series of books. 3) as second particle in a word. Syn ka, kha; abbr. for ga nas [RY]

1) GA; 2) vol 3; 3) what where; 4) Kaptse [the four diagrams of cyclical existence [based on CH divination. Book 1, 2]; 5) particle [as 2nd particle in a word, [[ga: gyi; 4) cha byad dgu: 9 dramatic airs; 5) Ming gzhi'i mo yig cig; 6) prefix neutral; 7) suffix masc.; 8) Rtags mtshungs 'dren skabs rjes 'jug mo yig gis drangs pa'i ming gi cha shas shig ...Thang ga, ...Gsum ga] [IW]

born of a goat, he-goat, essence of buddha, real nature or origin of sound, "try to" particle, infinitive particle [JV]

GA, [after verb], to... [IW]