gling ras pad ma rdo rje

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Ling Repa padma dorje [IW]

Ling Repa padma dorje [1128-1188) father of 'brug pa bka' brgyud= gling rje ras pa. disciple of phag mo gru pa, teacher of gtsang pa rgya ras in the second eath male monkey yr b in gtsang myang stod, at 38 became student of phag mo grub pa, in the 3rd earth monkey d at sna phu monastery, de'i brgyud 'dzin gyi gtso bo gtsang pa rgya ras kyis skyid smad gnam gyi phur 'brug monastery founding, were called "'brug pa bka' brgyud."] [IW]

(1128-1188) father of 'brug pa bka' brgyud also known as gling rje ras pa disciple of phag mo gru pa and teacher of gtsang pa rgya ras [RY]