gtsang ma lnga

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gnas gtsang ma lnga, mi che ba, mi gdung ba, gya nom snang ba, shin tu mthong ba, 'og min. Syn [[gnas gtsang ma lnga. mi che ba, mi gdung ba, gya nom snang ba, shin tu mthong ba, 'og min [RY]

the five pure realms mi che ba., mi gdung ba., gya nom snang ba., shin tu mthong ba 'og min the highest god realms, where only noble ones live] [IW]

the Five Pure Domains; Mipham: 'phags pa sha stag gi gnas yin pas gtsang ma lnga the Five Pure Domains, so called because they are exclusively the dwelling places of noble beings. mi che ba, mi gdung ba, shin tu mthong ba, gya nom snang ba, kun gyi steng na 'og min no Not as Great, Without Distress, Great Vision, Sublime Light, and above them all - Akanishtha, the Unsurpassed [RY]

the five pure realms [IW]